Our Impact

Our first project is in Wellingaraba, The Gambia in partnership with the folks at eWaterPay. Together we provided funds to repair the water system and installed 18 community meters to provide sustainable water to almost 7,000 people.


These taps are up and running and providing clean water to the village.  Village residents are charged 1 penny for 20 Liters of water.  One of the first taps installed delivered over 4,500 liters on it's first full day of operation.  eWaterPay will be managing the collection of money from the taps and the ongoing maintenance in order for it to be self-sustaining.  


Click here to see the location of the taps


Before our project, taps were often locked and villagers were only able to get water at certain times of the day. With the eWaterPay system, villagers can get water whenever they want!